Treatment Suggestions for the Entitlement and Superiority Schema

Treatment Suggestions for the Entitlement and Superiority Schema

1.Recognize and list the consequences that will occur if you do not change your behavior of entitlement.

2. Develop empathy and concern for others through active listening. Recognize and list the damage and potential damage you might create when misusing power over others.

3. Learn assertive communication through suggested reading. This will help to replace overly aggressive behavior with more assertive responses.

4. Stop selectively focusing on your assets and minimizing your flaws. Develop a more realistically balanced view of yourself by honestly listing your strengths and weaknesses.

5. Follow the same rules as everyone else. Recognize that you do not have special rights.

6. Treat people respectfully and as equals.

7. List past situations in which you behaved in an entitled way and then had negative consequences because of this behavior.

8. Recognize and list times of your parents’ overindulgent behavior towards you in your childhood.

9. Actively discourage yourself from an over-emphasis on status and other superficial evaluations in judging yourself and others.

10. List the excuses you use to avoid accepting limits.

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