Treatment Suggestions for the Subjugation Schema

 Treatment Suggestions for the Subjugation Schema

1.List everyday situations at home and at work in which you subjugate your own needs to others.

2. Consider if your negative expectations about the consequences of expressing your needs and feelings to others are exaggerated. If they are exaggerated, then express your needs and feelings appropriately.

3. Using imagery and/or writing exercises, express anger and assert your rights with any controlling parent or other authority figure in your childhood.

4. Select relatively non-controlling partners and friends.

5. Learn and use assertive techniques that can help you clarify your needs and express your feelings with others.

6. Identify your natural inclinations and practice acting on them. List them and consider using imagery and role-play as an exercise. After practicing, follow through with your learning in real life situations.

7. List times of childhood subjugation of your thoughts and feelings. Use EMDR to eliminate the negative feelings and self-perceptions related to these memories.

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