Treatment Suggestions for the Social Isolation and Alienation Schema

Treatment Suggestions for the Social Isolation and Alienation Schema

1.Consider that you are not as different from other people as you may think. Make a list of qualities you share with all people. Notice that some of the qualities you might regard as unique to you are in fact universal.

2. Track and list the similarities you have with other people. Also list your differences from others. Find and enjoy people who are like you.

3. Recognize the negative thoughts about yourself that might keep you from joining groups and connecting to people.

4 Consider methods of anxiety management that can help you cope with times of social anxiety.

5. Learn social skills training to for successful interpersonal and group interaction.

6. Gradually spend more and more time with people. Try to initiate conversations and use social skills techniques and anxiety reduction to make this process easier.

7. List group situations that you avoid. Rank them in terms of how difficult they are to manage. Involve yourself in group settings starting with the least difficult social setting and moving to the most difficult.

8. Make a list of the negative experiences of being excluded as a child. Use EMDR to eliminate the negative feelings and self-perceptions related to these memories.

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