Payment and Insurance

Payment is made at the end of each session by check, cash or credit card.

Each session is 50 minutes and the fee is $155. Many people do double sessions especially for EMDR Therapy and for those who come from out of town. This fee is also used for letter writing, consultation and professional phone calls.

If someone wants to use insurance for payment, a completed receipt is provided for the client to send to their insurance company for reimbursement to their home. A DSM diagnosis by the therapist is required for all submitted claims.

I work with both Blue Care Network and Priority Health as a nonparticipating provider. This means that people with Blue Care Network or Priority Health can receive reimbursement from insurance for my services. This is possible as Blue Care Network and Priority Heath will often pay “off panel” for my specialization using Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) as well as for other reasons related to my experience and training. 

Clients with Priority Health can receive authorization to see me by getting a referral to my services from their Primary Care Physician. Clients with Blue Care Network can receive authorization by calling Blue Care Network and asking for an off panel authorization to see me for EMDR Therapy. In these cases the insurance company or primary care physician will determine if the referral is appropriate.

Blue Cross Blue Shield will generally reimburse for my service. Some Blue Cross Blue Shield plans include me as an off panel provider. In these situations the individual can request a referral from their doctor to see me for EMDR services typically then allowing for reimbursement.

Although most all insurance companies reimburse for my services, it is recommended individuals clarify this with their insurance company.

Feel free to contact me for any questions as well as for assistance in facilitating this process.


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