“EMDR was a powerful, even transformative, tool in the hands of this outstanding clinician.  I found Jeff to be accessible, reliable, efficient, and trustworthy.  He responded quickly to my emails, and we were able to schedule appointments within a week or two.  Jeff was on time for every appointment.  He clearly explained therapeutic protocols, helped me set appropriate targets for healing, gave me clear feedback after every session, and worked with me to evaluate my long-term progress.     Most importantly, Jeff communicated clearly and compassionately.  I felt comfortable with him immediately, even when discussing sensitive topics. 

As a survivor of childhood sexual abuse, I have had the good fortune to work with several fine therapists, but have found this experience to be qualitatively different, particularly the speed at which change occurred.  I experienced immediate benefits from the very first EMDR session, including (but not limited to):  reduced anxiety, increased feelings of well-being, increased mindfulness, and improved sexual responsiveness.    Now a week post-treatment, I continue to experience these profound positive effects.   I have never spent time or money more wisely.”

– Client using EMDR for traumatic memories of child abuse  

“One year after childbirth I fell into a health crisis with debilitating physical and mental symptoms including terror, anxiety, intrusive sensations and crushing fatigue.

Jeff helped me learn that what I was experiencing was related to past traumas combined with PTSD from my more recent biochemical trauma brought on by childbirth. 

I am so grateful to Jeff for his offering in the world as a therapist.  His impeccable delivery of service, years of clinical experience, patience, and humor carried me through a powerful and succinct phase of healing. 

Now one year out from our brief time together I am happy to report that I continue to experience a secured wellness.  Thanks to Jeff and EMDR, I also have profoundly effective and immediate techniques to manage life’s bumps in this next chapter.”  

 – Client using EMDR for recent and past traumas


‘Jeff has a remarkable way of using a powerful technique such as EMDR with the power of human relationships.  He understands that the warmth and respect of human connection is the foundation for change while possessing innovation and expertise in utilizing EMDR for many different psychological and emotional conditions.  Jeff is a compassionate clinician, a colleague I trust and refer to often.”

-Randy Flood, Founder and Director of the Men’s Resource Center of West Michigan


“Jeff was respectful of the sensitive ‘public position’ of the person referred, and communicated effectively with me as the referral source.  I saw prompt and significant change in the person with the introduction of EMDR, allowing speedy return to normal functioning.”

– Steve Zwart, LMSW,Wellspring Lutheran Services, Chief Operating Officer


 “I was interested in performance improvement, but was very cynical about the EMDR process being able to help. Jeff explained the process and said he was quite confident it could help me be a better manager. After consideration I decided to move forward with EMDR………it not only improved my working relationships and helped me achieve results at work, it helped me improve a personal relationship as well.”

 -Client using EMDR for leadership performance enhancement


“As an HR Professional, you are always seeking out avenues that will provide you with a return on your investment.  In my case, I take the investment in our employees very seriously, so I want to be sure that what I can offer to them not only benefits them but benefits the company, too.  Our experience with Jeff Dwarshuis and the use of EMDR has proven to be a positive and effective avenue for our employees to get to the next level from a performance standard and or in other cases has helped employees deal with the repercussions of PTSD.”

-Jill Malone, VP of HR and Administration, Pleune Service Company, Employee Owned Mechanical Contractor


“The EMDR process has been intriguing and fascinating to me since hearing Jeff explain it to our professional group.  It is unlike anything I have heard of.  This procedure helped me personally with some deep-seeded, stressful issues and memories that seemed to ‘drift away’ after a few sessions with Jeff.  I would recommend working with Jeff to anyone – especially in his specialty area of post traumatic stress disorder.”

-Client using EMDR for personal business performance enhancement


 “I was referred to Jeff Dwarshuis for EMDR therapy for PTSD related to physical and emotional abuse in my past.  During treatment, I became aware of other problems, such as social anxiety, marriage issues, self-doubt, and a life-limiting public speaking phobia.  It seemed like an overwhelming number of problems to work on, but I was amazed at how effective this method is to transform beliefs at a level that precedes conscious thought.  Even better, EMDR accomplished in a few months what long-term cognitive therapy had not been able to accomplish in years.  Jeff helped me to feel safe and capable, both during the EMDR sessions and, in short order, my everyday life (which now includes public speaking!).  I feel strong in an authentic way, better connected to God and His gifts in me.”

-Client using EMDR for child abuse memories and its effects in adult life


“Jeff is my preferred choice for outpatient EMDR referrals. He is an excellent communicator who is dedicated to using EMDR to treat a wide variety of mental health issues. I have heard nothing but positive remarks from Jeff’s clients.”

– Daniel Richter LMSW, Forest View Hospital


“Jeff is a competent therapist and has had success working with client’s that struggle with trauma based disorders and other mental health concerns.”

-Sean Burns LMSW, Counseling Associates of West Michigan


 “Jeff does an excellent job of problem solving at the root level; he knows how to get results.”

– Ken Misiewicz CEO, Pleune Service Company


“Jeff is a truly outstanding psychotherapist. I consulted with him regarding my practice and he was knowledgeable, personable, and of great assistance. I would recommend him to anyone who wished to improve their practice.”

– Courtney Quist, Owner / Partner at Quist Hansen PLLC


“Jeff is a very capable psychotherapist with a unique set of skills that has brought relief and freedom to countless people. I have made referrals to Jeff, and also do recommend his services for anyone looking for help with PTSD or any mental or emotional stress, or just desiring to grow in their relationship skills.”

– David Christian, Pastor at Iglesia Vida, Hispanic Ministry of Resurrection Life Church


“Jeff has assisted my family members and co-workers on many types of issues, and his work in EMDR has made a tremendous difference in their lives.”

– Sonia Noorman, Division Director at Wellspring Lutheran Services


“I referred an acquaintance to Jeff. She in turn referred two others. All have been treated very successfully. The friend I referred respects Jeff’s professionalism and is very impressed with the techniques used by Jeff.”

– Gen Sterenberg, Independent Accounting Professional


Jeff helped me change my life completely. The SELF, the mom, the wife, the daughter, the friend!

My husband even complimented that swear half as much as I used to!

My husband and I had individual journeys with Jeff and a few sessions of his marriage therapy program! I will forever be extremely grateful for the growth we experienced between us!

Jeff brought us to a whole different level of trust and loyalty! And worked out so many personal issues.

-Client using Imago and Schema Therapy

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