Treatment Suggestions for the Insufficient Self-Control and Self-Discipline Schema

Treatment Suggestions for the Insufficient Self-Control and Self-Discipline Schema

1.Do the “Stop-Think-Act” exercise. Do this by putting a thought between an impulse and the action. Think through the consequences of giving in to the impulse before acting it out.

2. Challenge yourself to have more self-discipline and self-control by actively changing your approach to completing the tasks listed.

Organizing your time, possessions, and finances.

Performing what seems like a boring task.

Being on time for commitments.

Imposing structure on things in your life that do not have enough structure.

Reasonably tolerating times of frustration.

Restraining emotions and impulses that feel excessive and cause poor behavior.

Begin by completing the tasks that are slightly difficult. Gradually challenge yourself to do these tasks for a longer amount of time. Then gradually increase the amount of time you can spend on the task until you are doing it for as long as you think you should.

3.Learn techniques that help you remain centered and able to control your emotions. Use time-outs, meditation, and relaxation exercises as ways to help you achieve this goal.

4. Make a list of the advantages of better controlling your emotions and structure. Also, make a list of the disadvantages of not being controlled or structured.

5. Use imagery to foresee the successful completion of self-control and organization. List how this imagery makes you feel.

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